LU-AS Tension / Compression Type Load Cell update : 2007/06/07

Capacities : 250Kg, 500Kg, 750Kg.
High accuracy.
Total alloy steel construction.
Compete hermetic sealing.
Easy cable replacement.
Complete range of loading hardware available.
Factory mutual approved.

 Type  LU-AS-250K LU-AS-500K LU-AS-750K
 Maximum capacity
250Kg 500Kg 750Kg
Alloy steel
 Recommended excitation
 Maximum Excitation
 Rated output (=RO)
2 ± 0.05mV/V
 Zero balance ± 0.030%RO
 Creep error (20 minutes) ± 0.04%RO
 Repeatability ± 0.02%RO
 Repeatability 390 ± 3Ω
 Output resistance 350 ± 3Ω
 Compensated temperature range -10 ~ 40℃
 Operating temperature range -20 ~ 60℃
 Temperature effect on output 0.02% Load /10℃
 Temperature effect on zero 0.02% RO /10℃
 Safe load limit 150% of rat. cap.
 Ultimate load 200% of rat. cap.
 Sealing Compete hermetic sealing; cable entry sealed by metal header
 Protection class IP 66

外觀尺寸 (Unit : mm):

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