FW Fiber Amplifier 18mm cylindrical type update : 2007/06/14


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Metal and plastic housing.

 Type FW-10N
 Output method NPN open collector
 Detection range ψ1.0 Fiber D:4~5cm T:10cm
 Supply voltage DC 10~30V±20% (ripple10%Max)
 Current consumption 30mA Max
 Max output currentPower supply 100mA Max
 Response time Less than 3.0 ms (ON/OFF)
 Circuit Protection 1.Output over current protection
2.Reverse-polarity protected
3.Interference suppression
 Operation model Light-on, dark-on selectable by control cable(Withe)
 Light-on operation Control cable(White wire) connected to V+ (Brown)
 Dark-on operation Control cable(White wire) connected to 0V (Blue)
 Light source Red LED 660nm
 Indicator Yellow LED on, when light is received
 Ambient temperature Operating temperature: -25℃~55℃
 Protection degree IP 66
 Extraneous light immunity Lamplight:3000Lux; Sunlight:10000Lux Max
 Adjustable sensitivity YES--By Potentiometer
 Cable Length:2m, Material:PVC, Color:Gray
 Weight 88g

外觀尺寸 (Unit : mm):