PH Type M18 Tubular Photo Sensor update : 2007/06/20

Open collector output allows a wide range of application, such as direct relay drive and PLC input.
Both NO& NC NPN open collector output models are together.
High performance with low cost and easy to use.
Waterproof protection and vibration/ shock resistant structure is created by resinfilled metal package, greatly improving the environmental protection.

Light/Dark selectable.
Quick delivery and variety selection.

 Type PH-D10N PH-D40N PH-R200N PH-T800N
 Description Diffuse reflection Diffuse reflection Retro reflection Through beam
 Sensing distance 10cm 40cm 2m 8m
 Current consumption 30mA 30mA 30mA 40mA
 Weight 130g 130g 150g 250g
 Output method NPN open collector NO/NC
 Operating mode Light-ON/Dark-ON selectable by control cable (Gray)
 Operating voltage DC 12 ~ 24V ± 20%
 Output current 100mA Max
 Response time Less than 0.5ms
 Switching frequency 1KHz
 Operating temperature -20℃ ~ +55℃
 Circuit protection Output over current protection, Reverse polarity protection
 Indicator Red LED on, when light is received
 Adjustable sensitivity YES, by potentiometer
 Cable Length:2m, Material:PVC, Color:Gray
 Protection degree IP66

外觀尺寸 (Unit : mm):