PU-L For Lift U Type Photoelectric Swithc Sensor update : 2007/06/25

Safe, reliable and highly sensitive Potional installation types.

Water proof type (IP-67); high air-tighness and resietance
against oil corrosion.

Excellent resistance against external internal and
interference of light.

 Type PU-L30N PU-L30A PU-L50N PU-L50P
 Output method NPN Relay output NPN PNP
 Detecting distance 30mm 30mm 50mm 50mm
 Voltage range 10 ~ 30VDC 24VAC 10 ~ 30VDC
 Response frequency 200Hz max. 25Hz max.   250Hz max.
 Object ψ10 min.(Opaque materials) ψ3 min.(Opaque materials)
 Load current 200mA max. AC 250V 0.5A 100mA max.
 Current consumption 40 mA max.
 External interference light Incand. Lamp : 3000 Lux max.; Sunlight : 10000 Lux max.
 Ambient Temp./Hum. -25 ~ 55 ; 45% ~ 85%RH
 Insulation resistance Min 20M (500VDC megger) 
 Insulation strength 1000VAC 50/60Hz/minute.
 Vibration 10 ~ 50Hz double amplitude 1.5mm, 2 Hours along each of X. Y. Z. axes.
 Shock 490m/ss (50gm) 3 times along each of X. Y. Z. axes.
 Protection degree IP67
 Housing materials PBT materials Zinc die cast/Yellow
 Weight About 230g About 260g About 270g

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