PT-R Type Controller update : 2004/11/10

12VDC/50mA external power supply.

Available in NPN. PNP., ON/OFF-delay, One-shot, functions.

ON/OFF-Delay (0~10sec).
ONE-Shot (0~10sec).
Easy to wire.


 Type  PT-R1 PT-R1 PT-R1T PT-R2T
 Power AC110V 50/60Hz AC220V 50/60Hz AC110V 50/60Hz AC220V 50/60Hz
 Adopt Contorller Power Source with Relay Out Power source with Timer Function
 Delay Timer Functions - ON/OFF-Delay Out (0~10sec)
One-Shot Out (0~10 sec)
 Input Signal NPN/PNP
 Current Consumption ≦8mA NO-Load
 DC Output Voltage 12VDC 10%
 Output Current 50mA max
 Operating Voltage 10~30VDC
 Relay Output 250VAC 3A
 Operating temperature -25℃ ~ +60℃

外觀尺寸 (Unit : mm):

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