PS UTRA Short M18 Photo Sensor update : 2008/02/05

UTRA short body length : 30mm only.
UTRA long setting distance : Thru beam 30.0m.
Two way output : NPN & PNP.
High solid compact construction : IP 67.

Output short circuit protection.
Application : Car washing machine or conveyer.

 Type PS-D15N PS-D15N2 PS-D15N PS-D15N2 PS-T30MN PS-T30MN2 PS-T55MN PS-T55MN2
 Description Diffuse reflection Retro reflection Through beam
 Output status NO NC NO NC NO NC NO NC
 Sensing distance 15cm 3m 30m 55m
 Operating current 20 mA 20 mA Tx <20 mA ; Rx< 15 mA
 Response time 1 ms
 Sens. adjuster 270 Trimmer Non
 Optating voltage 10 ~ 30VDC ; Ripple <20% OF P-P
 Output method NPN & PNP , Two way output
 Output current 150mA Max.
 Residual voltage 0.8V Max.
 Leakage current 0.8mA Max.
 Protection circuit Short circuit & Polarity reversed protection
 Hysteresis 20% of sensing distance Max.
 Illumination Lamplight 10000 Lux; Sunlight< 20000Lux
 Lead wire 4 ¢ 5.0ψx2M
 Housing material Intensive ABS
 OP. Circumstance -20 ~ +60 ; 35% ~85% RH
 Protection degree IP67

外觀尺寸 (Unit : mm):