PX-C Type Tubular Proximity Sensor update : 2007/06/25

The sensing distance is from 1mm to 15mm.
M8, M12 cylindrical housing.
Wide operating voltage range 10~30 VDC.
All models have easy to identify operator indicator.
M12 models are protected against short circuit and polarity reversaland inductive loads.

 Type  PX-C08 PX-C12

Output method

 NPN.NO PX-C0801-N PX-C0802-N PX-C1202-N PX-C1204-N
 NPN.NC PX-C0801-N2 PX-C0802-N2 PX-C1202-N2 PX-C1204-N2
 PNP.NO PX-C0801-P PX-C0802-P PX-C1202-P PX-C1204-P
 PNP.NC PX-C0801-P2 PX-C0802-P2  PX-C1202-P2 PX-C1204-P2
- - PX-C1202-K PX-1204-K
 Sensing direction 1mm 2mm 2mm 4mm
 Response frequency 1KHz 1KHz 1KHz 0.5KHz
 Mounting mode Shielded Unshielded Shielded Unshielded
 Standard sensing object Iron 8 x 8 x 1mm Iron 12 x 12 x 1mm
 Wiring method 3ψ x 2M / 3 cores 4ψ x 2M / 3 cores
(K→ 4ψ x 2M / 4 cores)
 Description Standard M 8mm Standard M 12mm
 Operating voltage 12 ~ 24VDC
 Current consmption ≦8 mA no-load
 Output current 30 VDC 100mA Max
 Leakage current ≦1.1 mA no-load
 Residual voltage ≦1.5 VDC
 Operating temperature -25℃ ~ +60℃
 Hysteresis ≦10% of sensing distance
 Degree of portection IP66

外觀尺寸 (Unit : mm):