PO Type Ring-Photo Sensor update : 2007/06/21


Open collector output allows a wide range of application, such as direct relay
drive and PLC input.
Multiple output moedl (NO&NC and NPN&PNP open collector output).
Light converges to spot diameter of 2mm.

ABS housing. Resin inside. Protection from oil、water、acid and alkaline.

 Type PO-Q36-K
 Sensing distance 36 mm
 Output method

NPN & PNP two way, open collector NO & NC

 Light-emitting diode IR LED (DC-ling type)
 Detectable objector

5mm Min

 Operating voltage 10 ~ 30 VDC
 Current Consumption 40 mA
 Output current 30 VDC 100mA Max
 Operating temperature -25℃ ~ +60℃
 Wiring method Trns : 4ψ x 2M / 4cores
 Protection degree IP64
 Recommended power unit PT-R1,PT-R2,PT-R1T,PT-R2T

外觀尺寸 (Unit : mm):